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I write your name in the snow beam .

On the granite mountains. At the height of the canvas .

Each light flashes, I vidishsya you.

I am writing with flowers . You do love flowers.

That's all for you. It's you.

It's you.

That flashed a blue light in bad weather ,

It is now the sky smiled on you.

That's gardens drunk , chilly dawn .

That's all for you. For you.

For you.

You're in everything. You always . You're always on the ground.

On the grass . In the snow. In the light and in darkness.

I run to you, yelling at the heart of the run

- I can not without you.

I can not ...

I can not ...

Sorry, I wanted too much -

In love for you to always be a man.

In our age , I boldly daring vozmechtal

Being in front, and not trail after century .

Preparing for you as a rare gift

Nothing of love I did not set boundaries.

But who are seeking the sun , like Icarus,

He should be ready to break .

And here I lie , torn between the stones.

My torn - way road.

I kiss softly land on it ... After all,

Go thy swift feet.

Well ... one go his own way.

Not yet ... we will meet again on it!

Whirl , whirl , whirl ,

In a furious pace pair ...

They can not escape the horror ,

Glaring lights , the headlights .

And we can not escape from each other ...

You kiss my hair.

Thoughts from the pack,

Do not serve me a voice.

I let a kiss ,

but not the whole itself.

No, I do not like , I do not love you,

But melt in your arms .

Do you want to . you're looking for , you're waiting for me.

Why did I tell you that!

Love - deceptive country

I visited it , exactly , I know !

an hour , like you I do not see

is an eternity , as you without me

the night, so I want to be closer ...

six months already , I just yours ...

second is how you do not hear

been sad moments for you ,

and the heart beats quieter without you all ...

I will not let you anywhere ...

fall asleep in your arms ,

away from the hustle and bustle of this ,

forget about all matters

There is only you and me ...

love you stronger

tell you - you're the best ,

run to you faster

and be your forever ...

live only you,

be happy to know

you're my , you're only mine,

what else to dream?

Well , hello love!

Я тебя так ждала...
With you again,

Found two wings.

At a meeting with you,

I 'm flying bird ,

Rather, see

I want you .

You just one , began to live .

And is still alive ..

Like a bird flying ,

After all, there are two wings.

How often do you think

I catch myself on .

And my heart more and more ,

My favorite ... I love ...

From your words warm,

Turns his head ...

Darling, how long,

I was waiting for you .

We lived side by side ,

Wandering through fate.

But I did not know

Most of you.

Now I'm like a bird.

And there are two wings ...

This I did ,

Could not even dream .

I 'll drive away ,

Of the sadness of his life .

What people say

I do not care , though ...

Go home ,

Do not want .

To you on a date ,

I am a bird flying.

You're like a gift,

Fell from the sky.

And someone said ,

" There are no miracles! "

Familiar with you,

Total no .

It's like love ,

All my life alone.

I love and loved,

Ликует душа,
When you're with me,

That life is good !

Forgetting about the past ,

I want to see you,

I am so grateful

During the meeting fate.

You're the best gift of fate ,

For me.

And all the dearer to me

You day by day ...

, 2009.

It is home to dislike ,

There is always cold.

And because of this pain,

At the heart empty.

Happiness sped off into the distance ,

Forgot your way

And it, in this house,

Never to return.

Here reign alienation

Indifference and lies.

Who among us was not right,

Oh , now you do not understand .

There is no audible steps

Here, guests are not welcome .

From cold chains ,

The pain and a scar on the heart .

Even on clear days ,

Warm , sunny light,

Do not melt the shackles

After all, love is no more.

White bird in a box

Sped away love

Not to be seen ,

To tame it again.

Everything is gone , do not return ,

Only the memory alive

In this house, love,

After all, once lived ...

, 2009.

Take care of me, passed the love

For the good of my bitter experience reversible ,

Save with tenderness , which stoked

And turning to the poor and slaves.

Храни меня всей памятью моей,
Do not let freeze with an outstretched hand.

Tell me , surely experiencing such

We still do not get wiser !

Keep the faith, a passionate and blind ,

In fact , that an accident will result in eternal.

A counterclaim is ... just the counter -

Не встреченным собой , а не с судьбой.

Keep me passed the love

Храни!- как заклинание повторяю.
Suppose again, as you will lose everything ,

But do not have time to become all-powerful pain!

Храни до той, что может в миг любой
occur , the last and the first meeting ,

Until the heavens , which is not bent my shoulders ,

Keep me , held love ...

Until the trail left by you,

Where I am hopelessly vegetated only

Where do I live a love wilt perform ,

Take care of me, passed the love !

I get drunk wine

might be easier ...

and again a

I 'll wait for the evening.

I love you!

Yes , you too , I know ...

What about me now

miss you .

Yes , I believe, Zai ,

but then again I was jealous .

May I recall ...

our kisses ...

and who thought that

will again be around?

But you believe me?

I do not need more !

forever yours ...

I breathe thee ...

and I love you ...

Only be thou with me !

I'm trying to forget

I'm trying to hold on,

I am trying in the night

No more waking up .

I want to forget everything,

I want to forgive all ,

But sometimes is not easy

Fly away.

why is it sometimes

In my heart the rain

And sometimes for some reason

You bredesh somewhere ?

You're somewhere bredesh

In spite of nowhere.

In the rain unto thy soul .

On my soul rain.

My heart is like ,

Dripping with rain.

And I have not,

And you have not.

Two souls forever

Instantly gone into oblivion.

Without me, you do not.

Without you I do not.

Answers to questions give us rain,

Why, for example , comes to us love.

You bredesh through the puddles , getting to know the answer -

Maybe , because without love there is no sun .

And suddenly, its rays penetrate through the rain .

His drops disappear , giving rise to answer:

Rain in my heart - it's a pain ,

And the sun - sunrise.

And Dawn - this means

With no more rain .

It will disappear in a shower , maybe forever

But it might come back , istezaya you.

Again, you're going through the puddles , getting to know the answer,

That without the sun in the light of our love there .

We drink in the sweet poison of love ,

But all the poison we drink it .

And we pay for the joy of brief

She bezveselem long days .

The fire of love - the life-giving fire ,

All told,

but what we visualize ?

Devastating , destructive

He is the soul , hugs them!

'Eugene Baratynsky

I do not want to get lost in a lonely universe

In the vacuum of space amid the gloomy light .

Peace and quiet - yes , we need , of course,

Only the most important, yet - for someone to love ...

To the happiness and pain wove their own hands ,

For a ray of sunshine at dawn, wake ,

To sing under the window more birds flew ,

Well , most importantly , all the same - to someone he loved ...

Svetlana Trishina

Hot wave of fever chills ,
In my dreams I'm with you, in you like a melt ,
And the day as a handset,

I am waiting for your call ... there is a dry , " minute "


Here comes the night , a draft pulls the curtains
" Minute " was turned into a matter of fact ...

After it reached a week ... other.

You do not close . Again, get used to ...

And again, as thunder breaks my heart

Phone call , but I hear the phone ...

Your voice . I know you're a stranger to me ,

But I can not cope with the emptiness ...

Cool ... again by the gentle embrace

And my lips , like a silent curse -

Store your kisses , like a fever,

I throw myself into the flames , and in the heart of fire!

Leave my heart alone - please !

Phone call ... " I love you dial "

No time to wait for more and I'm tired ,

You created a moment ... I broke them .

That's how my days fly by now ,

Living on the phone all my thoughts ...

You seem to be there and so far ,

Do you hear ! I am without you hard.

I pray about one thing, I want to hear again

I do not believe myself, but even quieter cry ...

Please , call me , tell me something

And at the heart of the fire ... I did not blow out .

How many women in my one

To change both in the people ?

What kind and gentle with you

That grief and rychu like a lioness .

What a woman next to you ?

I do not know myself so ...

So strong and weak themselves,

So trusting and open.

Who is she to love so much ?

To be happy with such a ?

Whose eyes are looking at a reflection ?

Light of the soul it comes from ...

Who are you? Where are you hiding a miracle ?

I've never seen a happy

And confidence in the future

The woman that lives in me .

No doubt, erase borders

I let you in this life.

You are now free as a bird

Choose from the cells faster!

We will take a book and open

And on the clean white sheet

We write with one hand :

I LOVE YOU (top row).

We part , not knowing how ,

I can not breathe you ,

I'm choking on the pain ,

To you trying to cuddle up close ...

We do not see each other day or month ,

But I love you only get stronger ,

I know for sure - we'll be together ,

I know - you love and believe in this ...

I know - do you remember all of our meetings,

I know - you see in a dream, kiss ,

I know - you want to be with me forever ...

And know , my love , in vain you're jealous .

You're the best and most tender,

One is you are in my heart,

We'll be together for longer than before,

Indeed, from the love of nowhere we can not escape !