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Да,не первый ты,и что же?!
Криминала, вроде нет!
Мы с тобою так похожи
Ну и пусть в шкафу скелет!

Нам ни холодно,ни жарко
-От былого прока нет.
Вот свободу,только жалко
...Так устроен человек!

Poetry distracted , geometric ,

And musically , and dispassionate it .

And imagery, beautifully symbolic.

There is a subtle hint of height .

Simple all the words - a harmonious combination .

Есть ритмика и магия числа.
Poetry - not the goal , the goal - that is secondary.

Poetry - a process , for life - a .

My poems do not need the wall:

They live in a deity, he needed space.

And they are not afraid of storms and high treason ,

Although the castle and the air - his eyes will see .

Светлое Христово воскресение - это великий праздник человеколюбия! Let your soul will be only a sense of light !

Christ has conquered death and set us free from its captivity! God loves each one of us ! Let us enjoy this WONDERFUL DAY !

Christ is Risen! ! ! !

Do you remember the view , or lit ?

And all of the features with the idea , so the fire ?

I looked at you as if doomed,

I thought I would and night and day.

I was in love with love, the purest ,

I like dreaming , so passionate , so pure .

I remember walking every step of our dear :

Do you remember how to sell parsley ? Me and You .

An asterisk arrived at my palm.

The light flashed in the night - do not touch it .

Do not tell me : what is it?

Swallow looked into our eyes with you.

And with the love you could sing :

Simply did not dare to speak .

I am purple , that boredom is green ,

What is red - love, passion, and blood.

A black - everything goes numb from the death ,

A rose back to life again.

There are blue - then my dreams.

Green - hope , kids , life.

There is a yellow - throwing, wandering,

Between the red and green. Are you silent?

You - a woman. You just got it ,

As soon as you shivered in the life of

Under the heart. But first, distrust,

Then the question , then another question.

Angel can not love the devil ?

Angel loves everyone in the flow of days

If the devil was not careful -

Not escape their fate .

The day passed , again silence.

As guests you have me in a hurry ,

After all, I was waiting for you .

Слепую страсть взлелею я надеждой,
Что наши встречи будут очень нежны.
Моё сердечко пред тобой, как снег растает.
Об этом пусть никто-никто не знает.

Груши с бёдрами и огурцы-акселераты,
Щавель сошёл с ума, крыжовник скис,
И где б найти листочек блатноватый?
Что бы и в центре, и дул свежий чистый бриз???

Мне столько предложений! Я красива!!!
Салаты, кабачки, бобы, арбуз...
И предлагают мне они все деньги-ксивы,
А об уме поди спроси, такой конфуз...

Katya, Katya, Katya - ring drops in the spring,

И в нежные объятия зовёт она с собой.
Your image in every drop, I look at him

Its beautiful Katya I give my love .

A good and gentle with the beautiful soul

Her boundless dreams , they do not need a rest.

All he wants will come to pass , she will spring

Love can not be forgotten , wakes up from sleep .

Do you laugh ? I am burning with love ,

How to cope with such feelings ? I do not know !

And what I do, how to find peace of mind ?

And do not cry to me, darling, wait a minute!

I want to feel the warmth of soft skin ,

Your breath to hear , too ,

See the reflection in the eyes,

Hear the words of confirmation .

My favorite , stop for a moment at least ,

Сморозить бред хочу тебе иль, может, шутку,
You gave your smile to me only,

When the next one will be under the moon.

I lost sleep over , and even the mind,

And no , I innocently and cruelly punished,

My love is stronger than evil and death,

You people in just this sense of trust !

I had a wonderful dream I was flying out there !

To the music of love, and under Vivaldi.

My soul trembled as tenderness ,

This is just one in the world knew you.

My dance - life , flying, why do we die?

Where the music lives on - leaving the mountain,

I'm in a really, really believe,

My love , hope, faith - the sea.

The sun shines and sparkles ,

Holiday tired does not know

Only my heart is crying:

I can not, alas, is different.

It's sad really, no, sadly.

What was the original ?

If you honestly do not care

The main thing is - what is it .