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So good to me in your sleep , I'm there seventeen

( I do not want , but you have to wake up tomorrow ...)

Мы на свидании вдвоём с тобой гуляли,
And this night of love is not tired.

Chomu sumuє moє heart with very vrantsі ?

Chogo vono strazhdaє navesnі ?

Givet in nestrimnіm i zhaguchіm Dances ,

I. bachit you lyuby have rozhevіm snі .

One hundred thousand suns. One hundred million years.

Galaxies are born and die .

And I'm one of the space- poor ,

And the joy and happiness, the sea paradise.

Moonlight Track at my window

Silver plume touched the bushes.

I'm on it quietly run through a little bit,

And the present , my dear , that you're with me .

I am my beloved, hear me online .

But darling, darling, not yours .

Звуки ночи я слушаю, крик сердец...
And I heard you , finally.

The rate of acceleration , acceleration of up to hundreds of instant ,

Pulses with potency , energy, fire ...

Efficiency of the elite , you look in through the window ,

And you see , honey , I have treasured .

I woke up , gives online advice:

Let the dark night of grief , my silence ,

And let the joy of sleeping through the looking glass of the day ,

They just are not up to me.

The aroma of bitter orange

Harbored a glass red scarf

The star strange frozen winter

My angel of speech played on the harp .

I'm the one you missed ,

I confided to you dreams and feelings,

But you, cruel , it's not enough,

You 're playing with me , for some reason ...

January . You 're sitting by the window alone,

And you want to soon come spring,

And you expect that the message comes

You hope : my favorite is still waiting.

I'm not lost . I found it.

Do not forget. Yes, it 's worth it.

Thoughts and stupid stuff he was carrying ,

To get rid of the unbearable pain .

Need eh love and what is it?

And maybe all this up man?

Why? Yes, just out of boredom .

To see how the sun dies .

To live, hoping for a dream.

To enjoy every moment

And to die with a smile on your face ....

Day and night I 'm writing about

How much love .

In your eyes I see it ,

What you dream about at night :

That girl is beautiful and easy -

It was not me!

Why do you need it?

After all, no love in it !

I thought you were ready to

See the gentle dawn

In my arms and love,

But it was a deception of the soul.

At night, the irony of secrets

Runs on the cheek , as if tears

Pride and concealment , my love , know,

Creates beautiful dreams.

I dreamed I was flying out there ,

Not one , my friend, together with thee,

At first we did not have enough height ,

We are hovering just above the earth .