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I agree with all of my stupidity.
read thoughts ...

In detail, step-by- steps,
I have to tame ...

Finals will not be home ...
only the illusion of the night ...

Breathe enjoy the spring,
we seem , diffusion.

In the process of solution of particles ...
at night.

Ispishem we are a lot of pages,
warm dots ...

You're far away, but I'll wait ,

Let it be difficult, but I swear,

I swear the sun, wind and spring,

I am without you there is no life on earth .....

You're far away, but still you're my ,

Let 's not easy, but you're always with me.

I suffer for you day and night,

No one else can help me ...

You're proud , and I'm proud ,

We do not go one way ,

You do not want you , that I loved you ,

Well Well , farewell , farewell.

You're right, walk with me is not worth

I'm not a beauty, what you're looking for ,

And you're beautiful , you can fall in love with you ,

Your eyes are so gently off.

Why, they caress false

After petting , laughter rewarded .

Well Well , look for a nice girl

She will be able to reward kindness ,

But know that there is no man on earth ,

Who could love you so much !

I sleep , I dream about : are you writing me

Letter . Letter from Alexis.

In the leaf, above the desires of

Painted Snake - scarab.

She will perform everything in the world ,

Desires, dreams and fairy tales

Talk about a simple hello

More on how to make eyes .

I plunged into the tenderness of his head,

I'm so easy, I was floating in it , I dream ,

About how we 'll be together with you,

And is the sea of happiness , the sea paradise.

I hid the tenderness of a wave

Yours. Your love and your kindness,

I know that day that nobody -

Home of the best in the world of fairy tales.

In love I'm drowning , Well !

Her depth of lift into the sky,

You finally came to me again ,

Such love is not for me alone, but all would!

It is sad , sad, and your sorrow

I said that I was sorry to part ,

With all the words of heavenly love

Dictated to me in the spring of nightingales,

From there the shadow of appearance:

That woman, not a muse in the moonlight.

She remembers once, for some reason,

His eyes twinkle sparkled greeting.

A person , like a peach and hair shine

And the girl's camp , a light , delicate, fragile,

She saw , born of dream ,

In the fist squeezed thought the passion and pain.

She wanted to hear more of life,

I forgave her laugh all the sins ,

But my feelings , alas, no one saw

Though it was a stupid decision.

I put my alarm clock for five .

Sometimes , it happens , I want to sleep.

I was waiting for the road to the hour of dawn ,

And the sun gives me greetings.

Illuminated with light,

I will turn away from the crown of the night.

In a bright white dress

I welcome you to smile .

Quiet shudder lashes

Xin skies reflect my eyes ,

A moment of fun and rock

I will sacrifice our lives ...

You made Nah !

What do you think of yourself ? Love you!

For you I give my word,

Every glance and gesture, and catch a syllable .

Why hurt me so?

After all, it was a trifle!

I believe in the power of higher age ,

But it turned out everything as black.

Why hurt me so?

I have not forgotten your " nothing "!

I want to see a brighter day ,

But I see a ghostly shadow.

Where is the fresh air , the surface of the river,

Where the sun was shining ,

How often falling star -

It is worth a mountain with a sharp cliff .

And the demon sat there drooping .

In his eyes bright with tears -

He cried , he cried .....

After all, he learned what it means to happiness.

Прекрасный вечер, солнце светит,
И зеленее выглядит трава.
И воздух свеж ,он так безвреден,
Приятен он как никогда.

Стоишь ты высоко над морем,
Смотря на соколов вдали.
И хочется взмахнуть рукою,
Как птица, крыльями любви.

Представьте, люди: есть один чертог,
Там мрамор, золото, хрусталь и шёлк, огни,
Зайти туда любой бы путник мог,
Ведь для гостей готовились они.

Бал на носу, посреди лета день,
Роскошен и прелестен мой наряд,
Алмазов волосах сияет ряд,
Мне говорить и слушать что-то лень.

Again, you're dreaming , I feel love.

I woke up today, it is .

I have this feeling live again

And I was floating , love - then my wing.

Love of my vast ocean ,

It envelops the air the whole earth,

Those who breathed my love is drunk

According to my songs and listens quietly .