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Не спится мне, но сноведенья были,
Как будто мы вдвоём на речке в лодке плыли,
Ты говорил мне бред, а я смеялась,
И что-то умное тебе сказать пыталась.

На зеркало реки ложились звёзды,
На близости руки мы были, всё же
Ты торопил меня, я не спешила,
И наслаждалась тем, что лодка плыла.

Be honest with me , my love , always,

Look into my eyes and tell me .

I - a hot fire, and you - water,

Life is beautiful now happening to me .

You feel the warmth and awe of hands,

I 'll warm you and I will save ,

Lift above the torments of sinners ,

You - my , and that is your essence.

Whispers, the tenderness of the lips,

Skin is soft hands ...

Mind! Where are you? I myself am here,

Heart was ringing .

You - the goddess and the slave

I'm with you know happiness

Off goes the evil bad weather,

And the words are born .

Crescent moon above the horizon, a young,

He was seen from the window we are with you ,

Early Evening , has not disappeared entirely sunset

Will be wiser than the morning, and I - happy

Our meeting in our tryst on the nose,

Grab you're at it its beauty ,

And taking a very sharp tongue ,

What would have happened to us to remember that for anything.

Полвторого на часах, я проснулась,
И тебе сквозь дивный сон улыбнулась,
Нам там было хорошо: мы болтали,
В сем занятии пустом толк мы знали.

Two point tenderness - this is night ,

We are with you all that you want, dear, you can.

The sweetness of the hands and lips feel the heat ,

In this ethereal sense of passion , we know.

You may compared with the star,

always prominent , but so terribly far away ,

which I did not get a hand

not to touch the face of the high.

Will you come to cloud my memory ,

disappear, a couple of days , not exceeding

Then come back , bringing with them

sadness , grief , and I have no other share

Огонь костра в степи согреть сумел
Piece of ice of my heart, absolute zero .

I am among the clouds and the wind swept field

Just to dream again and to return the love .

Love is in the wilderness, the whole world in my eyes,

The whole world , nature , just the two of us ,

And tune knocks at our hearts,

And we are silent , or sing , or .

Хочу снова тебя целовать,
Мне опять показалось, что мало
Были вместе, уехал опять :( ...
Без тебя тяжело, грустно стало.

Хочу снова с тобой засыпать,
Нам тепло и с открытым окном :) ,
Хочу снова тебя обнимать,
Хочу снова с тобой быть вдвоём...

I am ready to barefoot in the snow

Run to meet his love ...

No splinters , no burning coals

Under his feet without even noticing ...

I can be strong and free,

For your love is not a spare ...

I'm ready to be with you anywhere,

Because my love is stronger than all !

You know my dear , the night is unbearable,

And the stars shine dimly in my window

The moon in the sky sad lonely

Almost like I was in bed before going to bed .

I looked into the distance and the night darker than coffee

Guess your dreams

And one night , I weave ,

Sun Ray - the germ of spring

Do what you want .

I will erase that writes rock

Heal all your wounds.

Let today's lesson

Weird , wonderful , strange .

Exquisite ballet stars of heaven

At a great height the night sky.

The suffering , dreams, tears trembling ,

When you do not need no water, no bread.

The play is over , the curtain - the fog,

And the clouds that carry cool.

You think it a dream or a fraud,

Vision or in a spray of a waterfall.

I revealed before thee, as the dawn ,

And my smile is no point in hiding .

In the morning the sun 's rays spread out ,

And for me, happiness has collected the keys.

I am obedient and trusting , pure,

Do not care about my life ripped ,

You're in my soul left a bright trail

Could not you, darling, say a no.

Why hurt your soul ?

It may be silent about love ?

Maybe it was foolish and timid ,

Hid from all the feelings of your own?

Why does my soul has suffered ?

Maybe it is your love?

Maybe she lives in the life of a little

And she will rise to life again?