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You're like a shadow , watching every step.

Mine. And night and day. And during the night.

You have come to the magician ,

And we'll stay together.

Your love - il chimera madness

When I gave birth to a wild storm of passion ,

Though you look outwardly cocky , smart,

And independent of the stupid news.

With every breath , every word

You are my all relatives and closer ...

Without you I can not live ,

Without you I do not see myself ...

With every passing moment

You're into me if vrostaesh

Without you I can not live ...

You have the whole world is filled .

I 'm trying to understand you ,

I want to look into the soul ...

Without you I can not live ,

I like you very , very necessary .

How far are you away from me , my love ...

Do not reach you through the distance.

I can only tear without concealing

Your voice heard and your breath ...

I just can not hide a sense of

And do not be afraid to be strong and passionate,

A kiss to send mail only ...

And still , to love - that's fine !

Love! It awakened in me a poet !

And thank you to her for that !

Believe It ! Cherish it! Appreciate It !

It is! Although not close .... but there somewhere ...

We have no romance in fashion!

And we did not dig in the garden !

We began to grow ? vahaha ,

Well yes you do not like a ripe ... =))

От ожидания тебя
burn to ashes.

Because sometimes want to beat the clock!

On each call to the heart palpitations,

and sweet anticipation of spring.

By waiting you

losing my mind -

close my eyes again, your image ,

in the viscous languid bliss of thought sinking ,

overflowing soul warmth.

By waiting you

tear off edge

wanting to plunge into the tender eyes.

And the minute I can fill ,

so as not lasted forever every hour.

By waiting you

all day, as the crumpled ,

everything goes wrong , at least not try .

Yes, I did not miss ! Not at all !

But somehow pull the wings down.

Я воскурю любви кальян,
Пить буду страсти мед тягучий,
Ловить беспечно взгляд твой жгучий...
А после, брошу на диван
Твое податливое тело,
Как лава кровь моя вскипела,
От ласк твоих я груб и пьян.

When in my arms

Your well-built mill , I conclude

And the gentle voice of love

You lavished with delight ,

Silent, constrained by hand

Freeing a standard flexible

You answer , my friend,

I was incredulous smile ;

Diligent in keeping the memory

Edit the sad stories,

You have no sympathy and attention

Sadly you listen to me ...

Curse the insidious efforts

Crime of my youth

And the meetings of conditional expectations

In the gardens , in the silence of night.

Curse speeches whisper love ,

Poems mysterious tune,

And the affection gullible virgins

And their tears , and later complaining.


Dedicate yourself to me ...

So easy ...

So that I could breathe ,

So that did not need an air ...

Look at me,

You see, I smile ,

Once again, kissing you

And clinging to you ...

Promised to be mine,

I'll always be there ...

I love only you !

And you just glad I am !

Я помню, будто бы вчера,
С тобой стояли до утра...
Меня, ты нежно целовал,
Домой меня не отпускал...
С тобою, в сказке я жила!
Но это всё, судьбы игра...
Твою любовь, я не ценила,
И, много ласки не дарила.
Ты отдавал всего себя...


Seem like an hour lіkuє Rani ,

Ta Chi stiraє , vіn fool ?

Adzhe easily govoriti ,

Just like that, posvariti dwellers ...

N zavіstі , chi navіt , so ...

Not zbagnu tsogo nіyak !

"Do not Rozluch us nіhto !"

Tea kettle menі , i scho ...

Shcho zmіnilosya ? Say !

Chomu , menі not vіrish ty ?

Nevzhe on tse, I deserve ?

It is not true ... Well I , you will love !

W b thee , nazavzhdi , lost .

That share is not so rozporyadilas ...

Ty does not want me zі Booty ...

I, yak menі , you zabuti ?


The heart is not beating , it cobweb trembles.

Youth laughs, to the final maturity of the shaking

I am glad the heart of a quiet night falling leaves,

All words with pepper, new admissions alarm.

Honey, listen, I 'll tell you ,

The word destroy and turn Mezhuyev ,

And I will lay the wall boundaries and barriers,

Meeting , will you goodbye , sweetie , I'm glad .

I smiled , lit a fire in the heart ,

The feelings awakened, every word, as a gift

You know , darling , I believe in you more than anyone ,

And cupid shoot straight into success.

Around me gathered in grief

Around me just moaning and crying ,

And you tenderly caressing sea,

And cheers the soul of the violinist !

We're not going together,

This I know for a long time

But anyone who 'd been in my place,

Hoped would be an unknown to me " but"!

I love poems are not written,

Just do not anyone to write ...

That I called love

And love can not be called .

Like a powerful volcano awoke,

Рифмы словно с ума сошли,
As if waiting for them as if ,

That we found each other .

I'm certainly not a poet ,

Do not know how to write poetry ,

But rhyme thoughts themselves

And I 'm writing again and again ...

an hour , like you I do not see

is an eternity , as you without me

the night, so I want to be closer ...

six months already , I just yours ...

second is how you do not hear

been sad moments for you ,

and the heart beats quieter without you all ...

I will not let you anywhere ...

fall asleep in your arms ,

away from the hustle and bustle of this ,

forget about all matters

There is only you and me ...

love you stronger

tell you - you're the best ,

run to you faster

and be your forever ...

live only you,

be happy to know

you're my , you're only mine,

what else to dream?