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Well , hello love!

Я тебя так ждала...
With you again,

Found two wings.

At a meeting with you,

I 'm flying bird ,

Rather, see

I want you .

You just one , began to live .

And is still alive ..

Like a bird flying ,

After all, there are two wings.

How often do you think

I catch myself on .

And my heart more and more ,

My favorite ... I love ...

From your words warm,

Turns his head ...

Darling, how long,

I was waiting for you .

We lived side by side ,

Wandering through fate.

But I did not know

Most of you.

Now I'm like a bird.

And there are two wings ...

This I did ,

Could not even dream .

I 'll drive away ,

Of the sadness of his life .

What people say

I do not care , though ...

Go home ,

Do not want .

To you on a date ,

I am a bird flying.

You're like a gift,

Fell from the sky.

And someone said ,

" There are no miracles! "

Familiar with you,

Total no .

It's like love ,

All my life alone.

I love and loved,

Ликует душа,
When you're with me,

That life is good !

Forgetting about the past ,

I want to see you,

I am so grateful

During the meeting fate.

You're the best gift of fate ,

For me.

And all the dearer to me

You day by day ...

, 2009.

It is home to dislike ,

There is always cold.

And because of this pain,

At the heart empty.

Happiness sped off into the distance ,

Forgot your way

And it, in this house,

Never to return.

Here reign alienation

Indifference and lies.

Who among us was not right,

Oh , now you do not understand .

There is no audible steps

Here, guests are not welcome .

From cold chains ,

The pain and a scar on the heart .

Even on clear days ,

Warm , sunny light,

Do not melt the shackles

After all, love is no more.

White bird in a box

Sped away love

Not to be seen ,

To tame it again.

Everything is gone , do not return ,

Only the memory alive

In this house, love,

After all, once lived ...

, 2009.

Take care of me, passed the love

For the good of my bitter experience reversible ,

Save with tenderness , which stoked

And turning to the poor and slaves.

Храни меня всей памятью моей,
Do not let freeze with an outstretched hand.

Tell me , surely experiencing such

We still do not get wiser !

Keep the faith, a passionate and blind ,

In fact , that an accident will result in eternal.

A counterclaim is ... just the counter -

Не встреченным собой , а не с судьбой.

Keep me passed the love

Храни!- как заклинание повторяю.
Suppose again, as you will lose everything ,

But do not have time to become all-powerful pain!

Храни до той, что может в миг любой
occur , the last and the first meeting ,

Until the heavens , which is not bent my shoulders ,

Keep me , held love ...

Until the trail left by you,

Where I am hopelessly vegetated only

Where do I live a love wilt perform ,

Take care of me, passed the love !

I get drunk wine

might be easier ...

and again a

I 'll wait for the evening.

I love you!

Yes , you too , I know ...

What about me now

miss you .

Yes , I believe, Zai ,

but then again I was jealous .

May I recall ...

our kisses ...

and who thought that

will again be around?

But you believe me?

I do not need more !

forever yours ...

I breathe thee ...

and I love you ...

Only be thou with me !

I'm trying to forget

I'm trying to hold on,

I am trying in the night

No more waking up .

I want to forget everything,

I want to forgive all ,

But sometimes is not easy

Fly away.

why is it sometimes

In my heart the rain

And sometimes for some reason

You bredesh somewhere ?

You're somewhere bredesh

In spite of nowhere.

In the rain unto thy soul .

On my soul rain.

My heart is like ,

Dripping with rain.

And I have not,

And you have not.

Two souls forever

Instantly gone into oblivion.

Without me, you do not.

Without you I do not.

Answers to questions give us rain,

Why, for example , comes to us love.

You bredesh through the puddles , getting to know the answer -

Maybe , because without love there is no sun .

And suddenly, its rays penetrate through the rain .

His drops disappear , giving rise to answer:

Rain in my heart - it's a pain ,

And the sun - sunrise.

And Dawn - this means

With no more rain .

It will disappear in a shower , maybe forever

But it might come back , istezaya you.

Again, you're going through the puddles , getting to know the answer,

That without the sun in the light of our love there .

We drink in the sweet poison of love ,

But all the poison we drink it .

And we pay for the joy of brief

She bezveselem long days .

The fire of love - the life-giving fire ,

All told,

but what we visualize ?

Devastating , destructive

He is the soul , hugs them!

'Eugene Baratynsky

I do not want to get lost in a lonely universe

In the vacuum of space amid the gloomy light .

Peace and quiet - yes , we need , of course,

Only the most important, yet - for someone to love ...

To the happiness and pain wove their own hands ,

For a ray of sunshine at dawn, wake ,

To sing under the window more birds flew ,

Well , most importantly , all the same - to someone he loved ...

Svetlana Trishina

It was a different

Not that they all

It was another

And believe in dreams.

After all, just to hurt an innocent child

But it is difficult to heal all the wounds to the end

It was her joy did not fall in love with it.

Why she loved the fact that the offended

The fact that the wounded to the heart and cowardly fled.

She wanted each other and there is simply no other

One of her was tight not who could not understand.

But then fate changed

All the rage at the mercy of her.

She wanted a friend

And she's his destiny dale.

Ludmila Gusarov .

I gave my dear flowers,

Five bright red roses.

On the job, he came home ,

And to me, brought a bouquet .

In a moment , withdrew the cold

Forgotten about the bad weather.

In his hands I was holding flowers

Maybe his luck.

Beautiful , fantastic bouquet

From the bright red roses

It so much passion and love,

You brought to me .

And I inhaled the aroma

Referring to the petals ,

In his hands I was holding a bouquet

And with him the love .

Love her , you are clothed ,

In the beautiful flowers .

And I understood everything without words ,

How much do you love .

Soul is my thawed ,

Forgotten about the bad weather,

I suddenly began to cry then,

Not with grief , and joy !

Of 2007 .

I look at you - and losing his mind .

And thoughts coalesce into a terrible tangle.

I'm in this love , like a cliff dive ,

And life turns into a raging torrent .

Blood explodes and the dawn of flames ,

And in the colors of the sunset shining amber ...

That's just the soul of something numb ,

Here are just dims and fades altar .

And the joy of love somehow weakens :

Delight and torment - the crucifixion of the Cross!

The fate of you and I would not dare to dissolve ,

And I can do without the prayers of Christ!

But again from the darkness of a sudden the person comes up ,

Where is your view of how deep the autumn night

And if the light of love is not the case,

So, what does not go off balance , " Candles" ?


When to see you again I touch ,

And I will make you in my arms ,

I kiss you and I solyus

So hard that the universe is not to separate us.

When your cold hand

His breath gently heating,

You 'll feel my love fire.

Believe me, no one is no longer able,

As we're desperate to love,

Love - makes us love!

A Parting - We fall in love only to flour. ..

Talent - dominates gifted !

And only love can hear the sounds of Gifted . ..


I - an owl , then you - Firebird !

The mere happiness in love with you !

I am a romantic, you murderer! Kill your eyes !

I Flapjack , and You - Pizza !

I have a swamp, a river and you - that along the mountain strutitsya !

I have a gift , and You - The award , which is very difficult for me to make ....

But all may otherwise arise !

And then together we can get along ! ?

Then you get married , and I'm married!

For your love to break even on the wall !

I'm Dad, you mother, and a new joy for us is born !

And this poem can be long lasting ,

So this will be enough , even at night I dream ! )

was no joy love ...

separation will be no sorrow ...

she did not come back again ...

went up in smoke ... for heaven ...

one time - believe it ...

in the second time - he is forgiven ...

Third time - it is uncertain ...

her love drunk ....

Although generously paid her ,
giving your lips the hands of the blood and flesh ,
feelings do not have to trade! , sales do not you dare !

love is not the fabric ! but it can rip nechayno ....

White storm,

Outside the window the circle .

The years have flown by ,

Not return back.

Became deserted and white,

We , the cherry orchard .

All that was before

Not return back.

white storm

Zametut tracks

youth of yesterday

Silly dreams.

We began to mature ,

The same snow garden

Only our feelings,

Not return back.

, 2009.

For Love does not need to thank !

For the Love of Love have to pay!

Oh, my favorite ! Priceless sweetheart !

Since I paid for the happiness I 'll cherish thee !

I'll love every year !

Keep away from all the dope and tribulations !

With you , together we will make ,

Spinning Earth orbit only love !

And for a moment imagine

As the city is full of posters : Do you like cute, Love !

I want to love ! And to be loved !

Any and Any Dream !

Feelings about myself : We never chill !

Hozyaystvuem us, one you!

Love - as the film is beautiful , but

It does not show, but only a movie!

Love - like a boomerang ,

Kinesh , run away , come back to you anyway !

Do you think I Narcissistic ? I took possession of Selfishness ?

I think in the life of the conqueror of Hearts ?

No Love - All My Life!

I just , just a fool in love ...