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I don't think you are right.
I guess you know it good.
You said I had no right
To make you do what you don't want.
I said Goodbye so many times,
That I don't feel this pain.
So, go away, I realize,
that you has burned my brain.

Автор: Yulia
If you're going to love me and cherish
I will always answer you same,
And if there is no way, I will perish...
But my favorite word is your name!

I hope you find my words and discover,
What you mean to me in this life ...
I love you, my dear, you know it,
Don't cut pieces my heart with your knife!

Автор: Kristinka
Late at the night you sit by the window,
Shine bright stars, the moon playfully looks at you,
And you're still dreaming about it,
How will gently by the hand to hold,
Hugging and kissing.
How gentle eyes burn.

You sit there and all you dream,
But you know what does not notice on you.
And you're afraid to approach, to show their feelings.
But think about it.
Waiting for the first step, as water flower.
Dawn really outside the window, and you're still dreaming,
think about it.

You devchenka not be afraid,
Take your dream into you hands.
In reality you come,
About their feelings subtly hint.
And you see all your dreams will come true.
And at night you will not grieve.
And his favorite gently embrace.

And know everything is subject to us
If you strongly want,
And not sitting by the window in an empty dream burn.
Able to decide the fate of yourselves.
Now you decide,
To love, to suffer, or just think and dream!

Автор: West
Somebody say, love like sunrise
So fleeting and so fine
And it adorns our boring life
Like sun adorns the sky.
But over time it must to fade
We must forget and live
We must to go and look ahead
And all we must forgive.

But i think only like spring
This everlasting love -
Like in the garden every spring
The feeling move above.
And everyday can seem the new
And your minds be sublime
Because if you love is true
It stand the test of time.

Автор: Лев Зубенко
No more tears to cry
No more words to lie
No more reasons to talk
No more roads to walk
No more oaths to give
No more things to believe
No more hours to pray
No more promise to say
No more souls to steal
No more heartbreak to feel
No more doors to be knocked
No more hearts to be rocked
No desires to have
No more secretes to save
No despairs to hide
It is cruelty beside

Автор: Polina
Poetry distracted , geometric ,

And musically , and dispassionate it .

And imagery, beautifully symbolic.

There is a subtle hint of height .

Simple all the words - a harmonious combination .

Есть ритмика и магия числа.
Poetry - not the goal , the goal - that is secondary.

Poetry - a process , for life - a .

My poems do not need the wall:

They live in a deity, he needed space.

And they are not afraid of storms and high treason ,

Although the castle and the air - his eyes will see .

Светлое Христово воскресение - это великий праздник человеколюбия! Let your soul will be only a sense of light !

Christ has conquered death and set us free from its captivity! God loves each one of us ! Let us enjoy this WONDERFUL DAY !

Christ is Risen! ! ! !

Do you remember the view , or lit ?

And all of the features with the idea , so the fire ?

I looked at you as if doomed,

I thought I would and night and day.

I was in love with love, the purest ,

I like dreaming , so passionate , so pure .

I remember walking every step of our dear :

Do you remember how to sell parsley ? Me and You .

An asterisk arrived at my palm.

The light flashed in the night - do not touch it .

Do not tell me : what is it?

Swallow looked into our eyes with you.

And with the love you could sing :

Simply did not dare to speak .

I am purple , that boredom is green ,

What is red - love, passion, and blood.

A black - everything goes numb from the death ,

A rose back to life again.

There are blue - then my dreams.

Green - hope , kids , life.

There is a yellow - throwing, wandering,

Between the red and green. Are you silent?

You - a woman. You just got it ,

As soon as you shivered in the life of

Under the heart. But first, distrust,

Then the question , then another question.

Angel can not love the devil ?

Angel loves everyone in the flow of days

If the devil was not careful -

Not escape their fate .

The day passed , again silence.

As guests you have me in a hurry ,

After all, I was waiting for you .

Слепую страсть взлелею я надеждой,
Что наши встречи будут очень нежны.
Моё сердечко пред тобой, как снег растает.
Об этом пусть никто-никто не знает.

Груши с бёдрами и огурцы-акселераты,
Щавель сошёл с ума, крыжовник скис,
И где б найти листочек блатноватый?
Что бы и в центре, и дул свежий чистый бриз???

Мне столько предложений! Я красива!!!
Салаты, кабачки, бобы, арбуз...
И предлагают мне они все деньги-ксивы,
А об уме поди спроси, такой конфуз...